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Introduction to Toteg Tribe

We are an association of people who have chosen to affiliate under the spiritual banner of Toteg Tribe. 

Toteg Tribe is modern spiritual and religious tradition based upon the shamanic visionary experiences of its members. 

Like indigenous cultures all over the globe, we do not separate our spirituality from our families, our societies, or the land on which we live. 

Therefore, as members of the Tribe, we give our devotion to the Earth Mother and the Sky Father and to Their Children, the Spirits of our lands; and pay due respect to our ancestors, without whom we would not be. 

Since we are not ancient Celts, Romans, Teutons, Egyptians, or members of other long-dead culture, we do not import the pantheons of those peoples into our Tribal beliefs and practices. Likewise since we are not Native Americans (or any other indigenous culture) we neither import nor lay claim to the customs or cosmology of those various peoples. 

If you wish to learn more about the ethics, philosophies, principles and practices of Toteg Tribe, visit our homepage.

Tenets of Toteg Tribe

We are Toteg Tribe

We know that all things are children of the Earth Mother and Sky Father, and thus we are all related. 

We learn the lessons Mother Earth teaches us through the languages of our brothers and sisters; all that breathes, swims, flies, moves, grows, changes and exists. 

We aspire to walk in balance on Mother Earth and live in harmony with all that is. 

We remember to speak with respect with all things. 

We honor and respect all of our ancestors, physical, cultural, and spiritual. 

We listen with consideration to those who choose to share their wisdom with us, and respect their rights to do so in their own way, in their own time. 

We invoke the power of spirit for our own dreams and visions for the guidance of ourselves and ourTribe. 

We respect your right to follow your own vision. 

We seek to find correctness, good judgment, learning and knowledge in all things. 

We practice personal responsibility in our daily lives. 

We are the Toteg Tribe. 

Mountain Shadows Clan

Mountain Shadows Clan of Toteg is a tribally-based association in Salt Lake City Utah, a Clan of Toteg Tribe. We are a resource for worship, sacred rites of passage, study, training in clergy skills,shamanic practice, environmental protection, and personal networking for those drawn to locally-based earth-centered spirituality. One need not become a member of Toteg Tribe to be a member of Mountain Shadows Clan, nor does one need to make any commitment of attendance, membership, or abandonment of other Coven, Circle or Church affiliations. 

The first incarnation of MountainShadows Clan was founded in 2001, on the eve of the Autumn Equinox, and held regular meetings and ceremonies until it disbanded in August of 2003 because of several people joining covens which did not permit belonging to other groups like Toteg, and these people were Clan leaders. A new Circle of MountainShadows Clan was formed on the 1st of October, 2004. Since that time regular meetings and ceremonies were held for several years, until, due to people moving out of the area, the Clan went inactive in December of 2007. We resumed our active status in the Tribe in the Sutumn of 2008, and once again began a regular cycle of activities in August of 2009. Our meetings are at least once a month, and at each gathering the next gathering is planned. In 2011 we will begin a series of workshops and rituals, to take place on the second Saturday of every month, unless otherwise posted. Our initial offering for this series is "American Shamanism: The History and Ethos of Toteg Tribe" which will take place on Saturday February 12th at 2 PM, location to be announced. Our second workshop, "Lore of the Talking Stick", will be presented on Saturday, March 12th, at Crone's Hollow. Classes for people interested in learning about Toteg Tribe, Mountain Shadows Clan, or becoming Clan members, are scheduled by request. Please watch this space, or our Facebook page, for location and particulars. If you are interested in finding out about MountainShadows Clan, please contact the Doyenne 

Mountain Shadows Clan looks on the face of Earth Mother
All photos on this page are pictures of the actual terrain in and around the Salt Lake Valley

Silver Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon 

Autumn in the Wasatch ~ Aspens in Heber Valley 
MountainShadows Clan Covenant 
I pledge my faith and trust
To the Earth Mother who loves me,
Whose waters I drink,
Whose fruits I eat,
Whose air I breathe,
Whose trees shade and shelter me,
Whose stones build my house. 
Earth Mother, I give You thanks,
For your beauty,
For your kindness,
For your constant loving care of me and mine
For the diversity of your fruits and flowers
Trees, plants and all living Beings 
And I pledge
That I will always care for you,
Sustain your waters and forests,
Keep your air clean,
And honor my brothers and sisters,
All My Relations,
Who are also Your children.
Glowing Autumn Leaves in Lamb's Canyon  Summer Sunset In Little Cottonwood Canyon ~ Alta 
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